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about our pots


The 5 litre fermenting pot is our most popular pot, suitable for a couple or a family of 3-4, or for those who are trying fermenting for the first time. Note that this is the only size that can be ordered online and delivered via courier.

We also have available pots in 7.5 litre and 10 litre sizes, though these can only be delivered within a 20 mile radius of Maidenhead and certain parts of North West, West & Central London. Please call or e-mail if you are interested in one of these sizes.

These pots really are the ultimate for the preparation of fermented vegetables. One of the disadvantages of fermenting in other containers is that a slimy film or scum appears on top of the ferment which needs to be cleaned off regularly as fermentation occurs. Not only is this time consuming but it increases the risk of other bacteria contaminating the contents.

Our fermenting pot eliminates the need to skim off this scum. It features a deep, water-holding trough in the rim which forms an air-tight seal with the lid, thus enabling the vegetables to ferment without the risk of contamination, whilst still allowing the gases produced during fermentation to bubble away through notches in the lid rim. All you have to do is keep the water level topped up whilst the fermentation process takes place.

The pots also come with two weighting stones which help to apply the required pressure for the fermetation process to take place.

Each pot is handmade, solid earthenware, coated with a lead-free glaze so they are food safe. They're robust enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of a busy kitchen and should give many years of good service. Beware of cheaper, ceramic imitations!

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